Ayele Adika received the opportunity to show case an exhibition at the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center, located in Anaconda, Montana . As a 3 dimensional creator, Ayele Adika's main goal is to inspire thought. This exhibition is a small show case into the mind of Ayele Adika.


Throughout my artistic journey, I have been inspired by time & space, nature, anime and understanding. At the beginning, as I decided to pursue art, I stumbled across two philosophies, Nouveau and Transcendentalism, that influence my art and life still today. Art Nouveau, in short, takes inspiration from natural forms and structures, particularly the curved lines of plants and flowers. Where Transcendentalism was created as protest to the protestant church. I am most concerned with its core belief: the inherent goodness of people and nature. Through observations, I have tried to make sense of the world, using art as the catalyst for understanding.

About the Work


I wanted to represent the changing of seasons as a metaphor for passing of time in life. Each figure is the appropriate age for the season they are represented in. Pulling from my love of traditional cell animationm, I created the portraits by painting acrylic on clear film. I decided to fill the space with various flowers based on the season, along with some Nouveau illustrative components.







Portland, OR